Clean It Up!

cleanProd.jpgWhether you're battling dust, mold, bacteria, allergens, stains, or stagnant smells, Kirby Home Care Products have the solution to your problem. Clean, brighten and protect your carpets, upholstered furniture, appliances and hard surface areas. Thanks to Kirby cleaning products, your home will look and smell its very best for your family and guests.

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kirby allergen control shampoo image

NEW! Brightening Oxygen Additive

Worn, tired carpeting gets an instant lift with this specially formulated additive used with any Kirby Carpet Shampoo. Simply pour two ounces into the tank with the shampoo cleaning solution and shampoo as usual. The results are amazing!
  • Lightens and brightens
  • Restores color to like-new condition
  • Ideal for light-colored carpeting and delicate Berbers
  • For use with Kirby Carpet Shampoo System
  • Available in 12 and 32 oz. sizes   

kirby allergen control shampoo imageAllergen Control Carpet Shampoo

Packs a powerful two-punch. Cleans and brightens tired carpets and zaps the ability of dust mites and other allergens to trigger allergic reactions! Our dry-foam formula is a snap to use and prevents excess moisture, which can damage the backing of carpet and create a breeding ground for mold. It's quick, easy, and dries fast with no sopping mess.
Fight the Mites! Suds your Rug!
  • Neutralizes dust mite particles rendering them defenseless to trigger allergic reactions
  • Dry foam formula dries fast
  • Cleans and brightens carpets
  • For use with the Kirby Home Care System
  • Available in 1 gal and 32 oz sizes

kirby pre-treatment for heavy traffic imageShampoo Pre-Treatment for Heavy Traffic Areas

Tired of looking at the matted carpet trail from the front door to the kitchen – Get rid of heavy traffic patterns in your carpeting with our easy-to-use pre-treat solution. Simply apply 5 minutes before you shampoo to remove these tough, ground-in stains and bring back the beauty of your carpet.

Prefer to Pre-Treat    
  • Great for walkways and doorways
  • Quick and easy spray bottle that is ready to use
  • Apply 5 minutes before shampooing for best results
  • Available in 22oz or 12oz spray bottles

    Carpet Shampoo for Pet Owners
    kirby carpet shampoo for pet owners image

    Ever walk into a house and know immediately who – or what lives there? Don't let that be you. Your pets, as precious as they are, don't need to overwhelm the house with their unique aromas. Finally, there's a carpet shampoo that takes care of the dirt left behind by the four-legged members of your family.

    Eliminates Cat-astrophic Smells
    It not only cleans and brightens your carpet, but eliminates the odors from dogs and cats, too. Our superior soil removal formula deeply penetrates your carpet with deep-cleaning, dry foam action, fortified with enzymes to eliminate pet dander, oils and stains.

    It's that Dog-gone Good!
    • Removes stains and odors
    • Cleans and deodorizes in one step
    • Leaves no dirt attracting residue

    Kirby Foam Carpet and Fabric Cleanerkirby foam image

    Makes dingy stairways a thing of the past.
    Leaves car interiors looking like new.
    Protects your investment in upholstered furniture.

    There's no need to break out a large shampoo machine when cleaning a small mess. Kirby Foam Carpet and Fabric Cleaner is like a mini-shampoo system in a bottle. Perfect for small areas or hard-to-reach spots, the special spray bottle dispenses a powerful stream of scrubbing foam that works ground in dirt to the surface where it's easily blotted away. Use it regularly to preserve your home and car interiors.

    Clean & Brighten
    • Leaves no sticky residue.
    • Great for use on carpeted stairways, car seats, mats, upholstered furniture, and other washable fabrics
    • Convenient 22oz foaming spray bottle

    Stain Removers

    NEW! Ice-N-Clean Gum & Residue Removerpet stain & odor image

    Chewing gum ground into your carpet? Spray it, freeze it and scrape it with this gum- removing aerosol that also removes any stain left behind.
    • Also removes candle wax, caulk and wood-filling compound residues.
    • Great for car interiors
    • Contains the cleaning power of Kirby Foam
    • Safe, non-toxic water-based formula
    • Available in 6 oz.

    pet stain & odor imagePet Stain & Odor Carpet Cleaner

    Cat miss the litter box? Dog leave a spot? The smell from your pets' accidents can be enough to knock you out. Don't worry. We have the right solution to knock out stains and the foul odors. Our No. 1 selling spot remover is filled with natural enzymes to penetrate carpet fibers, lift the stain and destroy the odor. If you have a pet, you will want Pet Stain & Odor Carpet Cleaner. If you have more than one pet, you won't want to live without it.

    Out Spot, Out!
    For best results, liberally apply cleaner to the area. Let it set several minutes and then blot with a clean, white dry clot. For pesky stains, repeat the steps.

    • Pets refuse to repeat accidents in the same spot
    • Cleans accidents quickly   
    • Convenient spray bottle.
    • Fresh, pleasant fragrance

    gease & oil stain remover imageGrease & Oil Stain Remover

    Greasy footprints from the garage to the house are an eyesore on your plush carpet. Get the grease out with Grease & Oil Stain Remover. Also works on oil-based stains like the salad dressing that spattered during your last Super Bowl party.

    Grease Relief
    Penetrates and removes:
    • Auto grease
    • Garage oil
    • Cooking oils
    • and other tough oil-based stains

    Just spray the stain. Let it set. Blot it up. For ground-in grease, you may want to repeat the steps to restore your carpet. Fresh citrus scent leaves a pleasant odor where the stain used to be.

    food stain carpet cleaner image

    Food Stain Carpet Cleaner

    Your home is not kid-proof or invincible to the occasional spill that can ruin a fine carpet in a split second. Spilled juice, ketchup, chocolate, and other foods can leave telltale stains behind. One of the biggest stain makers is red wine. It's prone to color any fiber it touches, but it's no match for our Food Stain remover. It's the solution to even the toughest food and beverage stains. Easy-to-use spray bottle applies product directly to stain. 

    A Food Stain Fighter You Can't Live Without
    • Sauces
    • Chocolate
    • Grape juice
    • Red wine
    • And more!

    multi purpose spot remover imageMulti-Purpose Spot Remover

    Multi-Purpose Spot Remover is a must-have in your stain-fighting arsenal. Everyday messes are no match for its advanced formula. With professional strength stain-fighting agents, you can:
    • Stamp out tracked-in dirt
    • Wipe out pet messes
    • Obliterate food spots.

    Blot the Spot
    The ready to use spray bottle makes your job easier. Wipe up the mess with a clean cloth. Spray liberally on the affected area and work the cleaner into the carpet with a clean sponge. Let the stain-fighters do their job for a few minutes, then blot the spot repeatedly. You'll want to vacuum thoroughly once the area is dry.

    Multi-Purpose Cleaners

    kirby lickity split imageLickity Split All Purpose Dissolver

    "Oh, no! It's ruined for good." Before the invention of Lickity Split, you would have been right. Chewing gum, glue, shoe polish and permanent marker all lift away after applying our all-purpose dissolver. With a pleasant citrus smell, it's easy to use.

    A Remarkable Time-Saver!
    Save valuable time from the tedious chores of soaking, scrubbing, washing and drying. Lickity Split works great to remove:

    • Crayon,
    • Price stickers
    • Asphalt,
    • Lipstick,
    • Tar,
    • Tape
    • Caulk residue and more!

    kirby Scuttle hard surface cleaner imageScuttle Hard Surface Cleaner

    Our special formula Scuttle Hard Surface Cleaner chases the dirt away. It's strong enough to cut the grease and grime, but gentle enough to protect a variety of surfaces. This indispensable cleaning solution in an easy-to-use spray bottle is so versatile that you can use it on nearly every surface in your kitchen and bathroom leaving no dull residue. Cleans and brightens appliances, counters and sinks. Use daily for a sparkling home!

    For a Streak-Free Shine!
    • Vinyl
    • Porcelain
    • Mirrors
    • Glass
    • Chrome
    • Enamel
    • Fiberglass
    • Stainless steel
    • Formica

    kirby citrus scuttle imageCitrus Scuttle

    We've taken our popular Scuttle hard surface cleaner to a new level by giving it a powerful citrus boost. With a light fragrant scent, Citrus Scuttle destroys dirt and annihilates stubborn residues like tar, lipstick, shoe polish and more. Try a little orange power for ground-on grease and oil in your home and garage.

    Use Indoors & Outdoors
            Great for cleaning:
    • Grills
    • Lawn equipment
    • Ovens
    • Clothing
    • Vinyl
    • Appliances
    Fragrance Products

    NEW! Odor Clearkirby odor clear image Ultra 3-in-1

    It’s as easy as 1-2-3… This one product will solve three needs, eliminating odors in the air, odors in upholstery, and eliminating allergens. Rids your home of unpleasant odors from garbage, smoke, pets, foods and dozens of other foul smells. While most other deodorizers simply mask odors, this eliminates them.

    Triple trouble for odors!
    • Leaves a pleasant citrus fragrance
    • A must-have deodorizer for any pet owner
    • Available in 22 oz spray bottles

    kirby odor clear imageNEW! Soap Sensations Foaming Hand Soaps

    Kirby and cleanliness go hand-in-hand. These delightful new hand soaps instantly produce a thick, rich lather with a touch of the unique pump. With attractive packaging and pleasant fragrances, these soaps are a must-have for any home!
    • Two flavors to choose from – Maximum Melon and Berry Bouquet
    • Foam lasts twice as long as leading brand liquid soaps
    • Available in 8 oz bottles

    Simply sensational!

    home fresh carpet and room deodorizer imageHome Fresh Carpet and Room Deodorizer

    Carpet fibers can absorb various aromas – whether they're tracked in underfoot or float in overhead. Smoke, cooking odors, dog and cat smells, blend layer upon layer, onto your fine carpets over time. You can shampoo them out, but if you're between shampoos, why not take the easy way out?

    Just Sprinkle and Vacuum
    Evenly sprinkle HomeFresh over your rug or carpet. Let it set a few minutes while the sweet-smelling granules get rid of the unpleasantness. Vacuum the area to release the clean fresh scent. Your room, not to mention the Kirby home care system bag, will smell clean and fresh. Choose your favorite scents.
    • Citrus
    • Crème Fresh (vanilla)
    • Cinnamon
    • Lemon
    • Morning Garden (floral)
    • Pine
    • Springfresh
    • Summer Fields (herbal)

    kirby scent tabs imageScent Tabs

    Want the disposable bag on your Kirby home care system cleaner to smells fresh until it's time to change it? Or a room that smells clean? Our Scent Tabs will help do the trick. These compact wafers of sweet fragrance are so easy to use that you forget about them – until you vacuum. A clean fresh smell emanates throughout the room.

    They're Scent-sational!
    Drop a Scent Tab into the outer cloth bag on your Kirby home care system. That's all there is to it. When you vacuum, the airflow releases fragrance from the tab. Drop in a new tab when you replace your disposable bag.

    kirby odorific imageOdorific II Concentrated Fragrance

    There are certain smells that knock you out or at least, cause you to sit down. You don't have to take it sitting down any more with Odorific II. The vilest of smells will be vanquished with a few drops.

    Banish Foul Odors
     Shake a few drops in your stinky garbage cans or in your indoor trash containers. You can also place a few drops on a cotton ball and place it in your shoe closets or in the outer cloth bag of your home care system. (Not recommended for carpet, plastic, rubber or painted surfaces.) Choose your favorite scent.
    • Cinnamon Spice
    • Original
    • Vanilla

    Odor Clearkirby odor clear image

    Conspicuous, annoying smells that fill your room are eliminated in an instant with Odor Clear.  This air neutralizer never masks bad smells. It erases them using "odor-lock" technology. Our special formula locks onto noxious smells caused by garbage, dampness, smoke, pets and more and destabilizes them instantly. The odor is cleared away leaving a light, clean scent in its place.

    Let's Clear the Air!
    Spray Odor Clear in the target area and let it do the work in your kitchen, bathroom, car . . . wherever the odors persist. You may have to spray again for stubborn smells. Don't worry about overspraying. Odor Clear contains all natural and non-toxic ingredients, so it's safe and effective.
    • Neutralizes odors
    • All-Natural, Non-Toxic
    • Great on pet odors, smoke, kitchen and bath smells

    kirby home care product logoFor additional information or to purchase Kirby Home Care Products, please visit your local Independent Distributor. Or call:

    1-800-437-7170 United States and Canada
    0800-328-1247 United Kingdom
    0800 203 222 South Africa
    00 800 547 292 72 Europe